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"I've been running and training with Stu for 5 years now and I can't believe the change I've gone through. I was always the kid at school who had the excuse to get out of PE, running was a nightmare for me (I'm heavily asthmatic) and something I can honestly say I absolutely hated. When I decided to finally give sport a go on my own terms Stu helped me no end. From getting me involved in running (which I now love) to pushing me when I wasn't giving it my all. He's taken me from someone who wouldn't run for the bus to doing 10km, half marathons, trail marathons and the Lakeland 50 twice (50 miles of running over the Lake District fells)! I could not ask for a better, more patient trainer." Pete Murray

"I have trained with Stu twice a week and Jo once a week since the beginning of 2017, and have had massive gains in fitness and strength.  I have done PT in the past with various instructors, and found the training repetitive, far too serious or just dull.  I have never done the same session with Stu in over a year, and he always makes you work really hard but it’s good fun too!  I have lost 2 stone, knocked 8 minutes off my 5k time, and met new friends through the running club!  I would recommend SWPT to anyone who wants to work hard with varied sessions!" Marie Whitehead

"I've known Stu for a long time, but in the last 18 months I've found out how good he is at his job. My husband and I began training with Stu to get a bit fitter. But I've gained and accomplished so much more. We started with two regular PT sessions a week, progressing to three. Stu knows when to push you and when to encourage you at the right time. Indoor rowing was part of the sessions that I excelled at. With expert advice and encouragement from Stu I pursued indoor rowing and I have gone on to become Scottish, Irish, and British Champion in my event and category. I've been part of a team to set a new British and World Record for an indoor rowing 100,000m relay team event. Stu is very understanding of your capabilities and his PT sessions are all very varied and interesting. He is the perfect trainer if you are a beginner or a competitive athlete.  I can't recommend Stu Windsor Personal Training enough."  Louisa Van Lierop

"I went to Stu for advice and a structured programme. Since then, I've lost weight, gained fitness and shaved huge chunks off my race times. It's not easy, but it is enjoyable. If you enjoy hard training sessions mix with good crack then try a PT session and see what I mean."   Craig Little

"S.W.P.T gave me back a life worth living, after being a competitive runner in my youth I had to give up the sport I loved when I had my family. Stu gave me the confidence I needed to start running and believing in myself again. He has a very unique way of pushing you out of your comfort zone and getting the best from you!! Training is fun and enjoyable and the results speak for themselves, I feel stronger than ever and he constantly pushes you to find a new challenge. Last year I raced my first marathon in a time of 3hrs 29mins giving me a good for age place in this years London marathon. This years challenge is to take on a ultra marathon the LL50, with Stu's in depths knowledge anything is possible. The most important fact about SWPT is he's a coach that does not just talks. He races and trains hard so he knows exactly how your feeling and it's more of a journey."  Lucy Hogarty Lamb

"Stu Windsor PT has helped guide me through a recent spinal disc injury with a varied training program designed around my injury. He was very understanding of my capabilities throughout my recovery process. If you like to train and see results, I highly recommend Stu."  Mark Van Lierop

"As a professional Thai Boxer cardio is an essential part of my sport. Stu Windsor PT is a very important part of my fight camps. He provides me with guidance and an intensive 6 week training plan in the run up to my fights. Stu is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer" Matthew Van Lierop

"I was written off with arthritis and trapped nerves and had so many operations I really should have given up. Stu has kept me mobile through 3 years of really major operations and because of his deadication this decrepid 53 year old can still turn up and finish a 10km race!"  Rachael Lee